Hey I’m Chiedo.

And I’m 100% positive that we can make the world a WAY more awesome place if more entrepreneurs fully realized their dreams.

So I’m here to help you with that.

It’s exactly why I launched FounderBy30.

I’ve been through it all. With Chiedo Labs at the age of 21 and then venturing into serial entrepreneurship with The Chiedo Companies by the age of 27.

I know what it takes to succeed in this race to entrepreneurship. And so many people have the heart and the brains, but don’t have the support they need or the motivation!

At FounderBy30, I’m going to provide you with videos, articles, courses, books and whatever you need to help you build on your entrepreneurial spirit.

Lastly, don’t get caught up with the number 30. It’s a goal. Not a cut off. I want to help people start businesses sooner and at a younger age, but it’s never too late.

I want to see more entrepreneurs in the world and plan to do my part to make that hope a reality.

Imagine how much better the world would be if more people were doing what they loved? Wow.